Kirsty KA


Kirsty Ka shares earth medicine.

She is a bridge to nature, a keeper of sacred song and wisdom, builder of startup and conscious communities, an entrepreneur, established artist and former corporate innovation manager. She combines these paths and personal traits into the work she does today.

First touched by the Dayak Indigenous tribes of Borneo and later studied and worked with Aboriginal Australian elders, she returned to this remembering through Native American and Peruvian wisdom and ceremonies as well as solo vision fasts in nature.

A woman of the wild bridging worlds and modalities; she gifts us the remembrance of our wholeness, our inherent wisdom and power and enables the translation of this into positive action. This is done by sharing indigenous and ancient wisdom and rituals for today. Kirsty uplifts people and the collective through ‘visioning’ in nature, ceremony and the embodiment of song, movement and self-expression.

Experienced in holding and assisting open, caring, authentic space and ceremonies, Kirsty supports you feeling comfortable, nurtured and she builds a strong sense of common-unity. Walking with you through the dark and light, she helps you overcome fears on your path of self-discovery, of empowerment, of finding your voice and following your purpose.

With over 15 years’ experience of yoga, mindfulness and sound exploration, Kirsty established ‘The Mindful Movement’ in Singapore and ‘The Breathing Space’ mindfulness programs for entrepreneurial communities. She is also a founding team member of Impact Hub Singapore, part of a global network of over 86 Hubs of collaborators focusing on making positive impact in the world through business.

Kirsty recently support at the opening and closing of Bali Spirit festival 2017 and co-creating highly uplifting sound medicine ceremonies for over 200 people at multiple international festivals. Kirsty facilitates for yoga, wellness or entrepreneurial retreats as well as running her own retreats and leadership trainings internationally. She works in collaboration with other experienced practitioners & wisdom workers. Together they run a centre in Singapore, hold healing sessions, retreats, holistic events, ceremonies and international journeys. She, And You, Are Part Of The Growing Global Community And Shift That Is Transforming And Evolving Us As Individuals And The World!