Ceremony & Ritual


Remember Wholeness & Pure Bliss with Personal and group Ceremonies


From private one on one ceremonies to small and large groups

- Working with experienced ceremonialists and a Global family 

- 1 day to multiple day offerings are organized internationally


“A life Changing Experiences, I found my true self” - James Taylor 2016 Golden Web Retreat

 What are Ceremonies?

All over the world and across all ages people celebrate through ceremony. Ceremonies are a sacred way of instigating change and healing. Participating in ceremony brings meaning, belonging, connectedness and oneness in the lives of those who attend. Rather than feeling stuck or lost ceremonies & rituals  allow us to acknowledge transitions or rites of passage, new beginnings and mark closures. They enable greater capacity to intentionally create and direct our future. At the heart of ceremony is remembering that everything is interrelated and that we honor the sacredness of our lives, this earth and all our relations.


Cacao Medicines Ceremonies

Cacao contains the molecule anandamide, with it's root in the sanskrit word for bliss, this beautiful medicine helps to remind us that our natural state is peace and bliss! Cacao supports focus, intuition and an authentic connection to your own heart and your heart’s wisdom.  

Many people who attend cacao ceremonies experience enhanced inspiration, self- reflection, self-healing, happiness and relaxation. Cacao ceremonies are a transformational experiences. Working with a number of facilitators, our Cacao ceremonies take you on a journey involving meditation, sacred songs, circle sharing, dance and rituals.

“We carry from the ceremony and out into the world a sense of  trust, support, inner peace, belonging, flow, confidence, unity and love.”

- Cacao Ceremony with Ausierra & Elah 2016


Water, Fire and Elements Ceremonies

Healing water rituals and other elements rituals have existed in all cultures since recorded time. Many of us now however are disconnected from the importance, sacredness and healing power of water and the earth. Such rituals bring people together in a beautiful powerful way to celebrate life and honor the significance of the elements and 4 directions for all. These events merge ancient wisdom with today’s music, art and celebrations. They uplift, deeply connect, empower and educate those attending and support those, including indigenous peoples, who are standing to maintain a respectful relationships with spirit of nature, each other, and self.