Retreats & Transformational Journeys



visit powerful, wild and sacred nature sites around the world and be

personally supported to make and mark positive shifts in your life, receive

insights, clarity and visions that uplift your spirit and ignite your confidence to

be everything you are. 



We will tailor a personal journey together to escape from the ordinary, recharge and remember your wholeness, presence and purpose. Release your fears & limiting beliefs and step further into your joy and power through journeys that connect you to nature, your body, voice & true self.  With options of half day or full day immersions in hidden majestic forests, waterfalls, rivers and sacred sites, expect to expand and uplift through natures medicine, your inner knowing & shared ancient and indigenous wisdom. 



On a transformational retreat we will dive even deeper, allowing you to experience new soul fulfilling ways to be, live, work, eat, express and love. Together we will design weekend to week long retreats combining yoga, meditation, sound healing, initiations, time in nature and blissful community gatherings to support your inner growth and life upgrades. I walk you through bringing these tools & learnings back into your everyday life and actioning your plans for change & living to your full potential.


Is this for me?  

Ash recently quit his job, he was successful but was craving more to life.

Rene, a mother of two, wanted time to re-find herself and her purpose.

Lena felt trapped by the life she lead stuck behind a screen, stressed and not expressing her true self. She craved adventure, balance, inner growth and the courage to start her own business.

Each gave themselves dedicated time on a transformational journeys that propelled positive life changes and you can do the same...  


Contact me if you are looking for customized personal or group retreat or are interested to know more about joining upcoming programs in Asia, NZ, Portugal, South America and more. 


Private In-person Retreats & Transformational Journey

                Half day Journey               $290+ USD  

              Full day Journey                $450+ USD

            Weekend  Retreat             $800+ USD

                                               Weeklong Retreat   $2500+ USD                           


Group Transformational Retreats & Journeys

Designed especially for your group or team as transformational shared experiences catered to your intentions, needs & timing.

Get in touch for Sacred Site Retreats, the Europe Tour is happening starting this:

July: Near to Ibiza

August: Near to London and Berlin

September: In the South of France  

“Journeying up to the source of the river and into Nature with Kirsty I found grounding and expansion and came home quiet and with a profound sense of clarity ”  - Anne-Laure Herrezuelo

“This experience has been a real journey. I have never done this before.  I would strongly recommend this amazing experience to anyone who is craving for space to listen to their own voice, who wants to reconnect to nature, led by a very delicate, real and genuine inner guide, and who is looking for more peace in general. I was able to release any burdens I had on my heart, I felt lighter and saw what matters the most to me - which is not so easy to do in our busy lives.”     - Marion Guiset


Upcoming Transformation Facilitator Training in New Zealand

FEBRUARY 18TH – 25TH 2018




If you are called to lead in ANY capacity, it is time to embrace your wisdom and become empowered in embodying your truth as a warrior of this time.


On this intensive 7-day training you will learn:

- How to apply ancient tribal and indigenous wisdom and practices to uplift your life and your career

- Use sound, voice and movement to complement the field of work that you are in, or to Achieve more freedom and balance in your own life

- Answer the deeper questions about life and your true essence by connecting with wild, sacred and pristine natural landscapes

- Discover the raw, primal sense of inner strength and power by returning to a more harmonic and balanced state of being, in right relationship with people, the earth, the self and with the great mysteries of the universe

- Hold deeply soul-moving ceremonies and rituals by learning sacred space facilitation

- Bring powerful presence into your relationships and interactions by fully embodying the warrior archetype in your life

- Guide people towards truth, power, freedom and authenticity with ancient & modern tools


In some of the most spectacular natural settings in the world, Kirsty and Amanda will take you on a journey that will drastically alter your life path forever. By arming you with the most potent and effective tools for leadership and transformation, we will prepare you to create the highest possible impact for the people you interact with in your life.