new year shamanic nature retreat


30th December to 3rd January

Welcome in a brand new year surrounded by the bliss of NATURE - stepping into 2018 with intention, on a natural high, full of fresh energy, confidence, purpose and self love. 


What is Included:

Celebrate, cleanse and ignite your inner fire, personal wholeness and love for life.  Join 5 Days full of transformative experiences: dance, music, movement, ceremonies, rituals, yoga, meditations, activations, intentions, community & co-creation.

With many opportunities to soak in the sacredness of life & be embraced by the deep magic of a paradise island & its' hidden natural gems, peaceful rivers and waterfalls, alive jungles & natural enlivening surroundings.


The Journey consist Of:

  • Vibrational Medicine: dance, shake, play, create, trust, say YES to getting out of our minds! & into our bodies

  • Wild Wisdom Walks: call in your visions & strength with sacred connecting, dialogue & journeys with Pachamama - Mother Earth

  • Sacred Ceremonies: solo and group experiences to uncover and discover your true divine nature

  • Deep Expression: activate your voice, speak your truth, move seamlessly through and beyond your limitations

  • Natural Connection: surrender to the power of sacred plant medicines - cacao, tobacco, kambo

  • Relief and Release: myofascial yin yoga sessions with Joy Anandi - learn how to step into full assertiveness and self-care - take charge of your physical healing, on the mat as in life

  • Sweet Sweat: deep purification lodges - honouring the elements, activating personal strength and power. Teachings & transformation of the sacred fire

  • Purposeful Intentions: align yourself with the frequency and vibration of your path, setting a clear road towards your goals and intentions

  • Shamanic Initiation: Embrace your intuition and gifts - learning to fully receive, offer and share. Ignite further yourself, your authentic leadership, your community and our global unity and evolution.

You receive EMPOWERING offerings fROM Alchemy:  

1 healing detox @ Alchemy Holistic  (Choose any of the below):

Soul : kambo / soul plan reading/ the heart union

Mind: master reiki/ breathwork/ life coaching

Body: juice fasting/ ozone therapy / colonics

- Daily organic, healthy catered & in house meals @ Alchemy


Early bird till 8th December $688 USD

Full flight price 9th December $788 USD


Interested! we provide more details on the stunning locations, accommodation & the full celebration program.


Bio: Kirsty Ka

“Strengthening our courage, purpose, leadership with Wild Wisdom”

Kirsty Ka is an earth, song and indigenous wisdom carrier. A woman of the wild and of the world, re-igniting our ancient memories & connection with Pachamama ~ Mother Nature. She introduces & deepens our relationship to the sacredness of life; through ceremony, rituals & music medicine. And is honoured to hold space for the transformations of many in nature & working with different plant medicines. Kirsty with others, walks with you through the dark and light to leap forward on your path of self-discovery & of empowerment. She invites people to work with the elements & with ritual to swiftly expand forward from depleting patterns, relationships or life circumstances to our more free, beautiful & love filled existence.

Kirsty holds regular group ceremonies, private sessions as well as one on one bespoke multi day retreats internationally. She has co-founded Wild Wisdom Ka, & is organising retreats & rites of passage out in the elements, at powerful shamanic gatherings, with indigenous people, in lands such as New Zealand, France, Brazil.  

Along with Kirsty you will be supported by a host of Alchemy’s amazing healing practitioners, bodyworkers & a dedicated Yoga teacher. Including the powerful co-facilitator Jess: 



"When we remember the sacred, the ritual and the ceremony, we remember our true nature and reconnect to the Divine Source within, remembering True Love." - Jess

Jess draws from many different traditions, and she seeks to empower individuals with sound, movement, light language and sacred dialogue, to create more freedom, faith and self-love within people's lives. She has trained in a wide range of energy work techniques and modalities over the past five years, including Chakradance, Bioenergetic Spiritual Healing, the Laying on of Hands, Shamanic Healing, Inner Dance, Therapeutic Prayer, Spiritual Counselling, Reiki and many others.

She facilitates a uniquely tailored variety of sessions from one-on-one coaching through to corporate training/bonding workshops, with an intense focus on sharing prayer, ritual and ceremony to activate unconditional love.