Vibrational Medicine 


We are all made to sing and dance, move freely, ecstatically!


Across cultures and traditions, sacred sound and movement have been shared as direct channels to pure happiness, ecstasy and union with self, community and the greater mysteries. For thousands of years in yoga, mantra and sound have been used and know to create profound effects on your wellbeing. Chanting is scientifically proven to enhance physical, mental and emotional health, especially beneficial in overcoming stress and anxiety. However many of us have forgotten, suppressed or fear sharing our unique voice and authentic selves. In turn we feel low & miss out on these high vibrations!


Are you feeling:

- Frustrated you can not speak more your mind and quickly release

fears and self-judgements that are holding you back

- Longing to take a leap to change your life but stuck in your comforts

- Lost despite being successful in societies eyes, you are missing passion & inspiration


Anchored from my experiences of the ancient forests of Australia, through the desert tribes of Morocco to the sacred ceremonies of Peru, I open your earthly voice. This is one of the easiest ways to lift and shift your vibration, get you out of your head and into your heart. Vibrational Medicine is for everyone, you do not have to be a musician. Accessing your inner voice will fill you with joy, bliss and freedom and attract more of this into your life!

Work with me:

Unblock your potential.


- Discover your own song and freedom of expression. Build your confidence to positively        affect your relationships, work and life

- Learn sacred songs and rhythms from around the world that uplift, heal and empower  

- Transmute sadness, anger, frustration, pain & other forms of suffering


We will share sacred and medicine songs, chanting and free flow of your innate voice in private one on one programs or in group sessions.



Personal call sessions: 

45 min - $60USD

3 call package -  $170USD

6 call package - $320USD

Private in Person sessions:  

90 min - USD$100

Group sessions:

Inquire price dependant on size

“Kirsty created a safe, non-intimidating space for me to tune in, open up, and join the group to sing and find my voice in a way I've never experienced before. She was powerful and gentle at the same time, guiding us all to feel the rhythm and sound within our bodies and to open ourselves up to expression. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to connect with mother nature and the sound of their souls. Thank you Kirsty Ka, I'm very grateful!"           - Komal Kaur


"What a blessing to have crossed paths with Kirsty, creating and holding space for deep transformation to take place within myself and free the voice. Releasing what no longer serves and stepping into a more authentic version of myself -Thankyou! " - Lucy Brooking


“Is easy to find oneself lost is the performance of city life. Between work and countless  brief interactions there is little time left to stop and look within Sessions like kirsty's bring you to a place of love, where letting go of ego and self awareness allow for  senses to be waken and the spirit to be lifted. To actively surrender to this experience will transport you the primitive most pure version of yourself and moments of endless happiness.”                                     - Juan Sebastian Bayona